Melania Trump’s 10 Most Expensive Looks That People Still Talk About

Lots of First Ladies have been criticized based on their outfit choices – a thing that really should matter the least. I mean, why is that something we still pay attention to these days? You never hear Presidents being criticized for the suits they wear. But still, while I might be against this sort of gossip on most days, Melania Trump has baffled me into actually going along with this nonsense. I mean, the price tag on some of the things this woman wears is simply shocking. Yeah, we get it, she finances her wardrobe herself, so it’s not the taxpayers money, but the choices she makes on occasion have astounded the public. Let’s take a look at some of Melania’s most expensive looks that people still talk about.

  1. Balmain Gardening Shirt – $1,380

Remember that red tartan garden shirt Melania wore to her first public visit to the White House Garden where she hosted schoolchildren? Yeah, that shirt was over a thousand dollars. She topped that off with some Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses, jeans and converse shoes. It’s hard to tell if she was going for casual, but we can all agree it looked over the top for some garden hangout session with kids.


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