How To Increase Hair Growth

Having thick and healthy hair is the need of the general public. However, we tend to face several issues relating to our hair like hair cutting, hairless and hair dullness. All of those conjointly end in major hair fall which might be quite a let-down. though some quantity of hair fall is traditional, once it gets excessive and isn’t followed by the conventional rate of hair growth, it will cause hairless. gratuitous to mention, the difficulty of hair growth is trending and you’ll be able to simply realize clinics claiming to extend hair growth and determination all of your worries.
But trust nature to supply you with the solutions to any or all your issues. Their area unit many remedies you’ll be able to do to form your hair grow back quicker and thicker. this text provides you with the entire data concerning slow hair growth as well as its probable causes and a few effective home remedies.

Causes of slow hair growth
To stop this drawback from revenant, one must address the foundation explanation for it. Slow hair growth is attributed to many factors:


Experts make a case that our hair cells have 3 stages of development. when the completion of 1 cycle, a brand new hair strand begins to grow. Your hair solely grows concerning solely [*fr1] an in. per month. However, the length of the expansion cycle of your hair will vary from that of others. Hence, genetic science conjointly plays a task within the speed of hair growth.


Your scalp must breathe too and therefore the cells got to be exposed to air. However, if you suffer from chronic dandruff, this zymosis can create it terribly tough for your hair to soak up any goodness from the product you would possibly be victimization. Dandruff makes your scalp fretful and sore. It gathers around your hair follicles and doesn’t enable any wetness to induce absorbed. To some extent, it even feeds off your scalp. of these factors, in turn, cause slow hair growth.

Using hot tools:

It is a best-known indisputable fact that heat will probably injury the hair shaft and create the hair follicles quite dry. victimization heat styling tools like a blower, straightening irons, curling irons or heated hair rollers can subject your hair to quite a ton of injury. the warmth from such tools tends to form the hair brittle and weak from the roots. As a result of the hair break additional simply and therefore the hair growth becomes slower. Heat conjointly promotes conditions like dandruff that has adverse effects on hair growth in addition.

Deficient diet:

We area unit what we tend to eat and this might not be more true. Our diet plays a really vital role in deciding our skin and hair health. If we tend to area unit perpetually dehydrated, this can create our hair dry and liable to breakage. A diet lacking in albuminoid, vitamins and vital nutrients can create your hair dilutant. This happens thanks to the body’s natural mechanism of providing nutrition to additional vital areas of the body. If you’re not intense enough, then your body won’t offer any nourishment to the hair (because they’re dead tissues) and you’ll realize your hair grows slower.

There area unit sure medications and medicines which might cause slow hair growth. Such medications embrace antibiotics, contraception medication, sterol lowering medication, steroids, and mood helpful medication. If you happen to get on any of those then it’s suggested to visualize your doctor and discuss the matter of slow hair growth consequently.


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