Apple’s App Store Is About to Get Sooooo Much Better

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As of today, Apple will begin reviewing apps in the store and cutting those that do not follow their guidelines, according to a letter that the company sent out to developers last week. They will also be removing apps that are buggy or no longer work. If a problem is found with an app, its developers will be given 30 days to sort the software out and put out an update. If they do not follow through, the app will soon be removed. This shouldn’t pose a problem for existing users as Apple have assured customers they won’t suffer any interruptions — they’ll also still be able to make purchases in the app.

Many users will be delighted with the news; there are over two million apps available for purchase in the store, but many haven’t seen an update in years and are therefore buggy or simply don’t work at all thanks to the changes to iOS since their launch. Some of these that are still available in the App Store don’t even launch after being downloaded, leaving many users understandably frustrated.

Apple also has its sights set on apps that use ridiculously long keyword-loaded names in order to show up in more popular searches. As part of the store’s overhaul developers will now be given a limit of 50 characters for their app’s name, hopefully making those annoying spam apps a thing of the past.

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